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As you know a well run focus group can yield valuable market research for any company. However, getting a group of individuals who possess the knowledge you need to generate valuable research can be a difficult task. That is where eStyle steps in. Our comprehensive pre-screening tool ensures that your participants are right for your study by weeding out probable no-shows, frequent fliers and coached respondents. This means you will get the best group of participants for your study, yielding quality data for your company about its products and services.

To ensure you get a quality batch of participants we perform a lot of quality assurance testing conducted by our Quality Assurance Analysts and have developed an organically charged community to select applicants from. This community, accessed through our proprietary portal Canada Survey. It boasts more than 100,000 members across Canada, representing a widely diverse cross section of Canadian society, and we are rapidly growing with over 250 signups daily. Our Quality Assurance Analysts will ensure you get a squeaky clean, creative and intelligent panel of participants every time.

Depending on where you are based we have a facility near you, including locations in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Toronto and Montreal. We can provide a facility, catering, moderators and audio/visual equipment should you wish to record your focus group sessions. Even better? We don’t charge you any additional fees for administrative costs, catering or anything else.

If you are afraid of frequent fliers, coached respondents or no shows don’t worry any more. Choose eStyle for all of your focus group and market research needs. Call us toll free today at 866.685.2239 and visit for more information.


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The facilities at eStyle are on another level. With their excellent technology and friendly, efficient staff, I never have to think twice about where to host my next group.

Eric L.

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