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Calgary Focus Group Moderating Services

"Our mandate is to provide clients with a 360 degree solution working with us. Our model is elastic. We don't discriminate by organization size or revenue and can offer solutions to anybody with passion for growth and sustainability. What differentiates StyleLabs from anyone else in the industry is the fully integrated research division that validates campaigns designed in-house or by our clients. Having a community that is "plugged in" gives our clients, strategists and designers a crystal ball to accurately predict consumer needs and campaign resonance."

As a qualitative researcher and RIVA Certified Executive Moderator with over a decade of experience, Almin Kassamali has designed and moderated over 275 campaigns and 550 groups (online and in facility) for start-ups, advertising agencies and research sponsors like WestJet, SMART technologies, CBC, Pfizer and the South Asian Broadcasting Corporation. 

"I approach respondent engagement through a very different lens. My groups yield the same interaction, tone and authenticity you would see in a forum or social thread. By applying the rules of web/business 2.0 to a focus group or survey expect greater levels of actionable insight and applicability."

Almin has facilitated Focus Groups on National TV for CBC's The Big Decision, led research and strategy initiatives for three CRTC licensing applications and has received multiple nominations for Avenue Magazine's Top 40 under 40.

Give us a call and we'll help power your campaign with cutting edge Canadian focus group moderators for pharmaceutical, web usability, consumer, business to business, ethnic and youth focus groups, IDI's and central location testing! 

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