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Recruiting Focus Groups successfully requires a certain level of sophistication, investment in infrastructure and strong ethical standards. This is what you are delivered when hiring StyleLabs.

It is a commonly known fact that recruiting focus groups in Calgary is a challenge. There are other markets like this as well! Every single agency, no matter how incredible they claim to be will eventually hit the same roadblock: frequent fliers, coached respondents, and no shows. Unfortunately, there are only so many numbers that can be dialed and so many referrals that we can ask for.

The answer to this problem is two fold: one is in a disgusting amount of quality assurance, and the other is in developing organically charged communities.

In addition to our team of quality assurance analysts (QA's) we have heavily invested in the development and rollout of our own proprietary portal Canada Survey.

We believe that every time a respondent is screened, they should be compensated.  When respondents show up on time for a group, they should be rewarded. As such, we've developed a currency based portal that encourages respondents to refer friends using our automated tools, keep their information up to date themselves, and be involved in the community through interaction with us as well as other respondents. The viral tools, social media integration and organic referral functions have grown our community to a six-figure active panel with over 250 signups daily.

This is the way of 2.0 Focus Group Recruiting. Why choose us for your national campaign?

1. We have the Canada Survey Community. By the end of 2015 it will be the largest research community in Canada (we mean it).
2. We have a SWAT team of QA's that will stop at nothing to deliver squeeky clean, creative, intelligent respondents for you.
3. Our results are consistent across Canada.
4. We don't charge you additional administration fees for booking facilities, making catering arrangements, etc.
5. Our network of Canadian focus group facilities in Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Toronto and Montreal are just as awesome as we are! They will stop at nothing to deliver.

You're one call away from the best Focus Group Recruiting and Facility in Canada. Call us toll-free at 403-668-4350 or drop us a line at  

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