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Choosing a Focus Group Recruiter 101

Focus Group Recruiting

We have no problem telling everyone how good we are.  We don't, however, want anyone to mistake that for arrogance.  We've spent an incredible amount of time and resources as well as learned a LOT of hard lessons to earn those bragging rights.  In the second part of this blog, we'll explain how we measure up.  For now, hope this helps!

When choosing a field company for your market research campaign, here are a few things to consider:

1.  Having one recruiter managing everything helps you achieve economies of scale and keeps quality relatively standard.

2.  Make sure that this recruiter has access to resources in case the recruit gets tough or things go south.

3.  Ensure the recruiter runs a facility and is connected with facilities in different markets. 

4.  Pay attention to the kind of database or panel they have and how effectively it's leveraged for recruitment and fieldwork.

5.  Request pictures of their stomping ground.  A company's space says a lot about their operation.  Old furniture, dated artwork and colours from the 80's are indicators that the finger is no longer on the pulse.

6.  Ask about quality assurance processes.  Once someone is recruited, what happens?   

7.  Google them!  See what people are saying.  We're in a 2.0 environment.  If people are upset, there is likely a forum where they speak up.  It'll also give you an indication on an organization's Google Optimization and panel acquisition efforts.

Any other tips?  Share your comments below!


Salina  Kassamali


Salina Kassamali is the President of the StyleLabs Group. Salina has studied Kinesiology, Psychology and Business Administration and was the valedictorian of her graduating class. In her current role, Salina works with the StyleLabs' team in assembling and fielding focus groups, virtual round tables and online surveys for exploratory work and validation. Salina has successfully completed close to 300 campaigns in her career and has developed communities totaling close to 500,000 respondents. Salina was an active contributor in the design of StyleLabs' Community Connect technology and Pulse, StyleLabs's six figure national panel of qualitative respondents as well as the full build of two successful call centers (designed for focus group recruiting).


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