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January 2016
Quality Focus Group Recruiting Calgary

Market Research and the Importance of Quality Control

Quality control is important to the recruitment phase of market research. By ensuring that the system in place is structured and efficient we are able to ensure the success of our projects and keep our clients satisfied. By tracking key. . .


December 2015
Calgary Home Buyers

Recent Survey Offers Insight into Calgary Home Buyers

Calgarians love planned communities, and are willing to move to them. According to a recent survey of Calgary homebuyer’s conducted by eStyle 84% of Calgarians plan to purchase or build a new home in Calgary within the next 10 years. This data may. . .


November 2015
Leading Market Research Company Canada

Why Partner with eStyle?

Choosing a facility for your next focus group can be a tough decision. You need to know that the company you choose values your research, and your business, as much as you do. At eStyle we always go the extra mile to ensure you have the resources. . .


Gamification on Focus Groups

Engaging with Participants

Games fascinate us. From our childhood toys, to sports and videogames as teenagers to crossword and sudoku puzzles in adulthood games are excellent at keeping us entertained. We tend to find any topic at hand more interesting if there is a game-like. . .


March 2015
Choosing a Focus Group Recruiter 101

Choosing a Focus Group Recruiter 101

We have no problem telling everyone how good we are.  We don't, however, want anyone to mistake that for arrogance.  We've spent an incredible amount of time and resources as well as learned a LOT of hard lessons to earn those bragging. . .


Latest Testimonial

The facilities at eStyle are on another level. With their excellent technology and friendly, efficient staff, I never have to think twice about where to host my next group.

Eric L.

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