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Gamification on Focus Groups

The Positive Effects of Gamification on Focus Groups

Games fascinate us. From our childhood toys, to sports and videogames as teenagers to crossword and sudoku puzzles in adulthood games are excellent at keeping us entertained. We tend to find any topic at hand more interesting if there is a game-like aspect to it.

This knowledge can easily be applied to market research, such as the focus groups conducted at StyleLabs. Gamifying the focus group process helps to engage participants and make them more interested in the task at hand.

One way StyleLabs uses gamification to increase participant engagement is through the use of draws. To encourage participants to show up on time and reduce absenteeism we offer a $50 early bird draw in addition to paying all participants. Participants that arrive at least 15 minutes early are eligible for the draw, and are now incentivized to show up on time.

Another way to gamify the market research process is to phrase the questions in a personal manner. Say you own a grocery chain and are trying to figure out how to increase your market share. Instead of simply listing other grocery chains and asking participants what they like and dislike about them you could phrase the question like this:

“You have just been promoted to Vice President of Marketing for Grocery Chain A, and been given a budget of $100,000 to increase your market share and steal customers from Grocery Chain B. How would you articulate your brand’s value over the competition?”

By phrasing the question differently the participants are better engaged, and now see the question as a problem to be solved, and as a competition. Both of these things typically drive participants to increase the quality of their answers and really engage with the topic at hand.

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