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Market Research and the Importance of Quality Control

Quality Focus Group Recruiting Calgary

Quality control is important to the recruitment phase of market research. By ensuring that the system in place is structured and efficient we are able to ensure the success of our projects and keep our clients satisfied.

By tracking key information we are able to ensure that the participants we select for our studies are not repeat participants. To do this we track which studies participants have been in, in the past so that they do not engage in future studies which may be skewed by their insight and research. Previous knowledge and research on the side of the participants inhibits the collection of unbiased data. We also track which clients each participant has done focus groups for so that we can ensure they are not recruited for that client’s subsequent focus groups. By ensuring fresh, unbiased participants each time we can guarantee quality, unbiased data that offers new insights.

eStyle employs a variety of steps during our recruitment process to ensure that the best possible participants are selected for each study. We start by selecting appropriate candidates from our proprietary portal Canada Survey. We then request that each of those candidates complete a basic survey which lets us determine which candidates from the initial selection meet the appropriate criteria, are free of biases that might skew the research data, and are available for the date of the study. This not only ensures that we select the most appropriate candidates but also helps us to minimize No Shows by ensuring all candidates selected are available on the day of the study. We also encourage participants to show up on time by offering a special, early bird draw that is only available to participants who arrive at least 15 minutes early. As participants arrive our Focus Group Host or Hostess subjects them to a final screening so that only appropriate candidates participate in the study being conducted.

To encourage active participation eStyle compensates all participants that are screened for a study. This lets our participants know that we value their time and insight and are willing to compensate them for the effort they put in. We also offer rewards to respondents who keep their information up to date on Canada Survey, refer friends and family and are actively involved in the Canada Survey community. This helps us continue to grow our pool of respondents so that we can ensure fresh participants every time. By encouraging respondents to keep their information up to date we are able to improve the accuracy of our selection process and reduce administrative costs, a savings which we pass onto our clients.

For more information on our Quality Control practices, or to request a quote, contact eStyle toll free today at 1.877.685.2239 and visit

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