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Recent Survey Offers Insight into Calgary Home Buyers

Calgary Home Buyers

Calgarians love planned communities, and are willing to move to them. According to a recent survey of Calgary homebuyer’s conducted by StyleLabs 84% of Calgarians plan to purchase or build a new home in Calgary within the next 10 years. This data may seem surprising considering the currently tough economic climate, and the fact that 37% of respondents had purchased or built a home in the last 5 years. The results of this study show that the majority of respondents (88%) would consider a home in South Calgary, an area known for its planned communities.

Planned communities differ widely from traditional residential neighbourhoods. These unique neighbourhoods do not firmly separate residential and commercial areas but instead aim to seamlessly blend the two to create a harmonious, self contained communities. These communities contain all the necessary amenities their residents need including commercial buildings, schools and recreational areas and facilities. They aim to be close enough to pre-established commercial centres to aid commuting time, but be self-contained so that the needs of all residents can be met. This creates a miniature city within a city and encourages a healthy life style by making all amenities within walking distance and encouraging sociability. With more and more jobs being located outside of the downtown core more Calgarians are looking to planned communities to ease commute times. Individuals that work within or close to the community also experience extremely short commute times and help foster a close knit sense of community by working and living in the same area.

Planned communities are especially appealing to young families as schools, playgrounds and other families near by encourage children to socialize and play outdoors. Planned communities offer a large number of recreational areas such as parks and sports fields and are very family-orientated. A planned community is a community that encourages safe, outdoor play, for young children and fosters an environment where neighbours look out for each other. This creates a true sense of community that is too often lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

These communities create a place where everyone of every age can hang their hats, where the elderly are not forgotten, and where working professionals can establish their businesses and foster their strengths. This diversity allows the community to grow from within, creating a sense of pride and social cohesion in residents. With good schools, and access to health care and supermarkets just steps away, planned communities help residents learn and grow together. Beautiful, affordable homes are nestled amongst attractive green spaces and playgrounds and are just steps away from bustling commercial areas reminiscent of old world town centres.

Planned communities are an excellent places for seniors as many contain retirement homes or other forms of senior-friendly housing. This allows older residents to easily access the amenities they need and encourages intergenerational sociability within the wider community. Grandparents can watch their grandchildren grow up and adults can rest easily knowing their aging parents are close at hand and well looked after.

An active homeowner’s associations and maintenance committee within the community springs from community pride and ensures that all commercial and private properties are well maintained. By ensuring these places are enjoyable planned communities encourage people to spend time away from their homes and offices and socialize within the community through the organic use of public spaces as well as planned community events. This in turn fosters a sense of community pride in residents and encourages social cohesion.

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