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Recruiting Valuable Respondents Using a Large Pool of Quality Recruits

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Focus Group Recruiting Calgary

Focus groups can unearth a large quantity of valuable data if they are done right. Gaining that valuable data depends on a variety of factors including a skilled moderator and appropriate, engaged participants. Unfortunately, focus group recruiting can prove to be a challenge. Frequent fliers, coached respondents and no shows can severely damage the effectiveness of a focus group, wasting your company’s time and money.

StyleLabs recognizes this problem, and has developed a solution. We employ a rigorous Quality Assurance department so that you know you are getting the best moderators and respondents, and we attract quality respondents through our proprietary portal: Canada Survey. We have created an organic community of respondents that we can draw from so that you get the respondents that are best suited for your focus group.This is how we have been able to create a six figure active panel that receives over 250 new sign ups each day. This large pool ensures that you get a fresh batch of respondents every time, generating valuable data.

Though creating a respondent pool of that size and quality may seem like an impossible task StyleLabs found a way to make it happen using a few simple ideas:

  • StyleLabs believes that every time a respondent is screened they should be compensated, so all respondents that participate are paid for their time.
  • We also encourage respondents to show up early by offering an early bird draw that is only open to respondents who arrive at least 15 minutes early.
  • We have also made our portal currency based. Respondents are rewarded for referring friends using our automated tools, updating their information themselves and being involved in the community by interacting with us and other respondents.

StyleLabs believes that the answers needed by any company lie in the diverse community we build. Our rich and varied community offers the diverse perspectives you need to help you create the best product or service you can.

Call us at 587-880-3358 or use our contact form below.

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The facilities at StyleLabs are on another level. With their excellent technology and friendly, efficient staff, I never have to think twice about where to host my next group.

Eric L.

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