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What are the Benefits of Focus Groups?

Focus Group Benefits Calgary

Focus groups can be an excellent research tool for companies. By being able to speak directly to your target demographic you can better understand their likes, their dislikes and how they view your company and its services or products. There are several advantages to focus groups over surveys

  1. You can observe the reactions of participants
    You are much better able to judge how your target demographic responds to your company and the services or products it provides. You will not only receive your participant’s answers, you will also be able to judge their feelings based on their tone of voice, their body language and how they interact with their fellow participants and the moderator.

  2. You receive more organic data
    Unlike the highly structured nature of a survey, a focus group allows for the participants to engage in a dialogue both with each other and with the moderator. This can yield a goldmine of information that you would likely not have if you had relied on the structured question and answer format offered by surveys.

  3. Everyone can ask for clarification
    If your participants aren’t clear on what they are being asked they can ask the moderator for clarification, something they can’t do in a survey. This helps get you the best data, which allows you to make the best decisions based on that data. This goes both ways, as moderators can ask participants to clarify their answers as well, giving you more accurate and concise data.

  4. They provide a broad range of information
    In a focus group your participants are not limited to simple responses to your questions. They can explore the questions and create complex answers, which they can then discuss with the other participants and the moderator. This will give you more insight into the opinions of your participants that simple survey answers cannot.

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