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Why should I participate in a Focus Group?

Focus Group Participation Calgary

There are a variety of reasons people opt to participate in focus groups. By participating in focus groups you can not only help companies gain valuable insight you can help with medical research or do things you already love to do. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider participating in a StyleLabs focus group.

  1. Your knowledge could make a difference
    Particularly when it comes to medical studies your knowledge can make a difference. By providing researchers with your thoughts and opinions you help them shape their company's, services and products for years to come. From participating in important medical research studies to beer tasting your thoughts and opinions can help shape the future of a company or a field of research.

  2. You can talk about things you enjoy doing
    Focus groups are held by a variety of companies for a variety of reasons. From taste testing to tracking shopping habits there is a focus group out there for you. Share your valuable insight by signing up for a StyleLabs focus group today.

  3. Meet people with similar interests and hobbies
    One of the excellent things about focus groups is that you are guaranteed to end up with a group of people who have had similar experiences and share similar interests with you. This means focus groups are an excellent way to meet new and interesting people, whether you are looking to make friends or do some networking.

  4. Get paid
    Did you know that StyleLabs pays all focus group participants for their time? You can make money by simply talking about things you already know and experience. Most participants receive a minimum of $50 for their time, though the actual payment depends on the nature of the focus group. To find out which focus groups are available now visit our homepage and select the Upcoming Studies link.

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